Muslims and Christians


Politicians and Executives: ‘Clean Homeland’ Directed Entire Society Towards National Work

Political and social actors on the Egyptian scene hail President Morsi’s Clean Homeland initiative as a project that united the whole nation, Muslims and Christians, politicians and ordinary citizens, in

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Condemns Military Council Performance

Egypt’s Brotherhood leader asserts that Mohamed Morsi is President of all Egyptians, Muslims and Christians, Moderates and leftists and all.

President Mohamed Morsi’s Speech at Cairo University, Saturday, June 30, after Taking Oath of Office

President Mohamed Morsi assured that Egypt would never turn back to dark despotic times of repression and tyranny, promising a bright, prosperous future for the homeland and all Egyptians as

President Mohamed Morsi’s Speech in Tahrir Square, Friday June 29, 2012

Cairo – June 29, 2012: Translation of President Mohamed Morsi’s address to the Nation from Tahrir Square during the "Handover of Power" million-man marches and protests, attended by hundreds of

Mubarak Loyalists Attempt to Trigger Sectarian Strife in a Bid to Smear Morsi Campaign in

Egypt’s old guard loyalists escalate their actions against the revolutionaries and the Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party, resorting to last-ditch heinous acts of lawlessness, violence and

Al-Shater: Our Hands are Extended to All for Dialogue and Cooperation

The Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate for Egypt’s top job, Al-Shater, vows to honor international and bilateral agreements to which Egypt is signatory, while ambiguity on the political scene makes it difficult

Freedom and Justice Party Delegation to Offer Condolences on Pope Shenouda’s Death

Dr. Morsi and top party leaders mourn the death of a great Egyptian thinker and a conservative Christian leader whose fight against illness never stopped him from working for unity

Brotherhood Leader Tells Egyptians Pope Shenouda Farewell Unforgettable

Dr. Badie recalls his last visit to Pope Shenouda, patriarch of the Coptic Church, who died on Saturday, aged 88, after a long battle with illness.

Dr. Badie Heads Muslim Brotherhood Delegation; Offers Condolences on Death of Pope Shenouda III

Brotherhood Chairman Badie mourns death of a great Coptic thinker and leader, describing him as a symbol of conservative wisdom who dedicated his life to the service of his homeland.

Muslim Brotherhood, Freedom and Justice Party Offer Condolences to Egypt’s Copts over Death of Pope

Egyptian Coptic Christian Pope Shenouda III dies, on Saturday evening, at the age of 89 years, after a long battle with illness. May his soul rest in peace.