Muslims in the West


Centre for Human Rights says Hatred against Muslims Sweeping West

The Sawaseya Centre for Human Rights and Countering Anti-Discrimination has recently issued a report titled "lost rights and a wasted dignity”.

NY Times conducts poll on Americans Muslims

An article in the New Republic highlights the sentiments of one Martin Peretz an American publisher and Harvard University lecturer described by Source Watch as a "long-time advocate for Israel

CNN survey reveals intolerance for Ground Zero Mosque

A survey conducted by the CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll revealed that the controversial plan to build an Islamic centre has not been met with lightly with an overwhelming 70% of

Anti-Defamation League joins bigots in opposing Manhattan mosque

The Anti-Defamation League has announced its opposition to the building of an Islamic community center (or mosque, as CNN and others put it) in Manhattan, near ground zero.

Peace be on you

THERE are only 30,000 Muslims in Oklahoma, a state of 3.7m people, making them well under 1% of the population.

Proposed US Mosque faces discriminating opposition

Muslim groups in the US have met with unpredictably intense opposition to their plan for opening mosques in the lower Manhattan, district in Brooklyn and lately in an empty convent

Belgian School Fires Teacher for Wearing Veil

Belgium beat France to the face veil ban, looks like the fall out is already being felt.

Brentwood Muslims withdraw plans for mosque amidst Islamophobia

The Brentwood Mosque that was in the works for quite some time has been defeated, and though there were issues with zoning, the atmosphere surrounding the campaign against it was

Muslim attacked and “beaten to a pulp” in Brooklyn; Is it a hate crime?

Was it a hate crime or something else? That’s the question surrounding the savage beating of a Brooklyn man in broad daylight this weekend.

French politicians urged to reject ban on full face veils

Amnesty International has called on French law-makers to reject a draft law banning the wearing of full face veils in public that was adopted by the government and put before