Arab States Crackdown on MB Will not Deter Them Calling for Peaceful Reform

According to Islamist analysts and observers Egypt and Jordan’s regime have both targeted the Muslim Brotherhood opposition in the parliamentary elections.

NDP musters itself to ban the MB’s slogan

Just days ahead of parliamentary candidates registration a statement was issued by the Higher Elections Commission maintaining that religious slogans such as “Islam is the solution” may not be raised.

Does Egypt Need International Election Observers?

International observers are for newly independent states without the institutions needed to run elections--unlike Egypt--according to Moqbel Shaker, Vice Chairman of Egypt’s National Human Rights Commission.

MB chairman engages in discussion with NAC leaders

Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohammed Badie met a delegation from the National Association for change at his office early Tuesday. General NAC Coordinator Dr. Abdul Galil Mustafa, Dr. Hassan Nafaa,

Egypt’s opposition criticizes Saad el Din Ibrahim’s support of pro-Gamal petition

Reuters reports on Pro-democracy activist Saad Eddin Ibrahim, who has recently arrived to Egypt and his support of Gamal Mubarak as the President's potential successor.

MB online petition secures 673, 000 signatures nearing 1 million target

The Muslim Brotherhood's online campaign to gather signatures in support of the National Association for Change's "Seven Demands for Reform" charter has attracted attention both in Egypt and abroad.

NAC condemns arrest of 4 petitioners

Dr. Hassan Nafaa, the NAC coordinator condemned the Saturday night arrests of 4 citizens in the Beheira governorate

MB and Dr. Hassan Nafaa discuss Egypt ‘s future in Friday’s conference

The Muslim Brotherhood's parliamentary bloc in Beheira announced that a conference titled " Egypt 's future and reform tools" is scheduled to take place Friday July 30 at the group's

NAC Threatens to boycott elections if demands for guarantees against rigging defied

Two conferences held on Friday evening in the Daqahliya and Assiut constituencies witnessed the decision made by the National Association for change to boycott the upcoming parliamentary elections if their