Naguib Mahfouz


Egypt rights group accuses UN of “killing freedoms”

The Cairo Center for Human Rights Studies said in a statement last week that the Council of Human Rights of the United Nations, which adopted on March 25 a resolution

El-Baradei: Egypt’s dream or illusion

To applaud El-Baradei’s “provided intention,” the Independent Campaign to Support El-Baradei for 2011 Elections, decided to collect attorneys from people to authorize El-Baradei to change the constitution; although he did

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood future

Former deputy secretary of state Richard Armitage foresees a radical Islamic future for Egypt:

Islamic Books Face Fierce Attack In Cairo Int’l Book Fair

The Islamic book is fiercely attacked this year in the Cairo International Book Fair.

MB participates in Naguib Mahfouz’s funeral

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Mohamed Mahdi Akef authorized Dr. Abu El-Fotouh, the executive Bureau member and Arab Doctors’ Union and Muhammad Abdul Qudous to attend the Egyptian novelist late Naguib Mahfouz’s

Egypt: MB Chairman Offers Condolences On Mahfouz’s Death

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Mohamed Mahdi Akef posted his condolences to the Egyptian people on the death of Nobel Laureate Naguib  Mahfouz who died Wednesday August 30,2006.