Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘Enough’ Friday, Reminding: Rabaa Rights Will Not Die

Urging more demonstrations to protest coup regime repression and failings, Egypt's pro-legitimacy coalition says its initiative for revolutionary unity (without abandoning martyrs' rights) is still open for all patriotic parties,

Rights Organization: Political Prisoner Mohamed Abdel-Ghani Suffers Slow Death in Coup Jail

Shehab Center for Human Rights warns that brutal coup regime practice of deliberately killing dissidents with methodical medical neglect is a heinous crime with no statute of limitations.

Students Against the Coup Urges Revolutionary Unity to Mark January 25 Anniversary

A statement from anti-coup students movement SAC exhorts all patriotic Egyptians to join hands and actively participate in a huge wave of peaceful protests to oust the repressive military junta

Muslim Brotherhood Urges Egyptians to Mark Rabaa Massacre 2nd Anniversary with Peaceful Protests

 The second anniversary of the Rabaa and Nahda massacres comes while the nation and our beloved homeland "Egypt" are sadly still in the grip of the hijackers – the putschists;

Global Remember Rabaa Campaign Kicks Off

In commemoration of the second anniversary of Rabaa massacre that took place on August 14th, 2013 - described by Human Rights Watch as "One of the world's largest killings of

Anti-Coup Coalition Calls for Protests to Commemorate 2nd Anniversary of Rabaa Massacre

Egypt's broadbased coalition of democratic legitimacy supporters launches a new wave of peaceful revolutionary action across the homeland.

Freedom and Justice Party Statement Slams Unjust Sentence against Party Head, Leaders

The junta's lopsided justice – which sentenced the FJP's chairman Mohamed Katatni and top party leaders to life in prison – is thus far clear evidence of the total collapse

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Regarding Youth Massacre Outside Military Air Defense Stadium

With great sadness and sorrow the Muslim Brotherhood mourns Egypt's martyrs, who died without guilt or fault, victims of a blood-thirsty junta regime that thinks nothing of killing Egyptians, committing

Egyptian Revolutionary Council Mourns Zamalek Martyrs, Vows Retribution

The coup regime's murderous military machine continues to mercilessly crush opponents and supporters in a mad maneuver to distract Egyptians from their repeated failures.

Pro-Legitimacy Alliance: No Retribution 500 Days After Rabaa, Nahda Massacres by Coup Forces

Egypt's Anti-Coup Alliance condemns junta justice for failing to prosecute and punish perpetrators 500 days after the horrendous Rabaa and Nahda massacres.