Statement by Ennahdha Party on Sidi Bouzid Events

We stand with the people of this region which had a pioneering role in igniting the flame of the revolution of 17 December 2010, against the defamatory campaigns on social

Ennahdha Announces Victory, Pledges to Cooperate With all Parties

Ennahdha party has gained over 40% of seats in the national constituent assembly. With the trust given in these historic elections; Ennahdha is no longer only the property of its

300 Independent Tunisian Figures Appeal for National Unity

During the last several weeks, we have unfortunately witnessed many indications of deterioration in the security of many regions in the country, misuse of the gift of freedom, and a

Tunisia’s Islamist Nahda Wins Impressive Landslide Victory

Representatives of Tunisia’s Islamist Nahda party have achieved a landslide victory acquiring 8 out of the nine available seats in the Tunisian Association of Young Lawyers.

Tunis in Transition

Tens of thousands of people have filled the streets throughout Tunis, dozens of prison inmates have been killed in a prison fire, while looters emptied shops and torched the main

Why Is the West Turning a Blind Eye to Tunis’ Protest?

According to reliable sources a bus loaded with a number of government militia and a TV team was heading from Tunisia to Kasserine to carry out looting of private and

Ben Ali’s pre-election maneuvers.

In separate remarks to"Islam Online”, experts and politicians have considered it measures by Tunisia’s ruling regime to divert the attention of the Islamists to the problem of the lack of

Oppression extinguished Tunisia’s light

After its independence in 1956, Tunisia was considered in several western capitals to be one of the most serious candidates for democracy. Its first president, Habib Bourguiba, invested far more