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Ennahdha Party Statement on Israeli attack on Syria

Ennahdha Party, which has been following with great concern the Israeli attack on Syrian territories:

Ennahdha Statement on 75th Anniversary of National Martyrs Day

The Tunisian people will tomorrow, 9 April 2013, proudly commemorate the anniversary of Martyrs Day. The 9th of April 1938 was a glorious day in our country's history, on which

Ghannouchi to EU Delegation: Tunisia Seeks Constitution for Democracy, Rule of Law, Freedoms

Tunisia’s moderate Islamist Annahda party chief Rached Ghannouchi affirms that his party is endeavoring to expedite the country’s democratic transition.

Tunisia: Ennahdha Party Statement following announcement of preliminary findings of investigation into assassination of Chokri

Following the announcement of preliminary findings of the investigation which indicate the implication of radical extremists in the assasination of the late Chokri Belaid, Ennahdha Party:

Tunisia: Joint Statement by CPR, Wafa, Ennahdha, Freedom & Dignity Group

Today, 13 February 2013, representatives of the following parties and assembly groups:

Tunisia’s Nahda: Statement Regarding Alleged Election Campaign Infringements in Sfax

Ennahdha Party's Sfax branch has noticed repeated reports of suspect individuals posing as Ennahdha members who approach the public presenting ideas and policies that contradict the Party's intellectual and political