The Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on the Fifth Anniversary of the Rabaa Massacre

 Over the past few years, our beloved country, Egypt, had witnessed great events, which left its profound effects on the present and future of the country, combining great hopes with

Ennahdha’s Statement of Solidarity with the Syrian People

As the Arab Spring continues, so does the persistence of the brave Syrian people in their struggle for freedom. The brutal Syrian regime's insistence on murder also continues as the

Condemning Anti-Jewish Slogans, Ennahdha “Jews in Tunisia are full citizens with equal rights and duties”

At the reception of Mr Ismail Haniyeh at Tunis-Carthage Airport on Thursday 5 January 2011, a handful of individuals among the hundreds of people welcoming Mr Haniyeh raised some anti-Jewish

New Tunisian Minister Of Interior Spent 15 Years in State Security Prison for Muslim Brotherhood

Tunisian Interior Minister Ali Al-Areed was born in Madanin city in the south of Tunisia. He first graduated as an engineer from the commercial navy school on the coast of

Tunisia’s Nahda: Statement Regarding Alleged Election Campaign Infringements in Sfax

Ennahdha Party's Sfax branch has noticed repeated reports of suspect individuals posing as Ennahdha members who approach the public presenting ideas and policies that contradict the Party's intellectual and political

Tunisia: An-Nahdha Warns Against Chaos and Authoritarianism

Our revolution is passing through one of its most critical phases, as our people prepare to hold the elections for a national constituent assembly, while dangers multiply threatening this national

Tunisia: Joint Statement on Latest Events

Six months after the beginning of the revolution for freedom and dignity on 17 December 2010 in the city of Sidibouzid, a new martyr fell yesterday, 17 July, in the