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Egypt National Alliance Calls “Down With the Harassment Junta” Protests

As the coup commander Sisi shed fake tears for the Yazidi girl who was harassed by DAESH (or ISIS) men, dozens of Egyptian girls and women were crying bitterly from

National Alliance Calls ‘Sisi is Burning Egypt’ Popular Protest Week

A statement from the Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance condemns the fascist Sisi regime's torching of Egypt and calls mass demonstrations on Friday.

Open Letter to Mrs. Merkel Regarding Sisi’s Forthcoming Visit

 H.E The Chancellor of The Federal Republic of Germany, Mrs Merkel, On behalf of the Egyptian Revolutionary Council (ERC), I am writing to you today to ask you to support

Rights Group: Execution of Arab Sharkas Unjustified Murder

A joint statement from the NGO 'Egyptian Observatory for Rights and Freedoms' and a solidarity group, together with a defense representative for 'Arab Sharkas' case detainees.

Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance Denounces Junta Court Sentencing Elected President to Death

Egypt's pro-democracy nationwide coalition slams military junta judiciary's absurd and legally flawed death sentence against the country's legitimate President Morsi and scores of Muslim Brotherhood leaders in a most farcical

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Slams Death Sentences

The judiciary in Egypt has become a cheap tool driven by the repressive military junta and the illegitimate coup regime in desperate attempts to break the will of the Egyptian

Dardery: Justice and Rights of Egypt Poor Will Not Be Upheld by Junta, Cronies

FJP leading member Dardery affirms that Egypt's economic, judicial, social and other crises cannot be solved by a repressive junta and military-appointed kleptocrats and cronies.

ERC Statement Regarding Al-Bisarta Massacre

Yet another crime is being committed by the coup forces in Al-Bisarta village of Damietta, illegally killing five of the village’s youth in cold blood, and arresting 13 girls. The

Freedom and Justice Party’s Dardery: Damietta Raid Grotesque Violation, Horrid Massacre

FJP leading member Dardery condemns as evidence of political bankruptcy the military junta's violent raid on an Egyptian village, where coup forces killed, maimed and injured dozens.

Gamal Heshmat: Muslim Brotherhood Against Iran Expansionism

Leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood Gamal Heshmat explains the group's position vis-à-vis Iranian expansionist project.