National Association For Change


Egypt’s Winners and Losers

The election results may not have been surprising, but what will be the long-term repercussions for the key players?

El-Baradei Discusses Reform Strategy, Addresses Criticisms and Collaborates with Opposition

In a recent interview with Almasry al Youm former IAEA chief Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei highlighted a number of the pressing questions concerning the National Association for Change.

Many Voices United for Change – Egypt ’s Shadow Parliament

Egypt's controversial new parliament convened Monday, and it was filled almost entirely with members of the ruling party.

Qandil’s Lawyers Slam Unfair Trial

According to Gamal Eid of the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, the defense lawyers for the prominent Egyptian journalist Hamdy Qandil, currently being tried for allegedly defaming Foreign Minister

El-Baradei Excluded from Changes in Campaign’s Official Formation

Sources stressed that “Must Campaign”, the former popular Campaign to Support El-Baradei, has concluded the formation of its Board of Trustees, which is the campaign’s highest authority.

El-Baradei: “The Country Is Burning and This Can Only Be Avoided By Guarantees of Freedoms

Dr. Mohamed El-Baradei, former director general of the International Agency for Atomic Energy, and Chairman of the National Association for Change (NAC), continued to express his views on ways of

ElBaradei Denied Entry in Journalists’ Syndicate

Former IAEA chief and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei was denied access to the Journalists Syndicate, where he had intended to visit with journalists from the Independent Al

Opposition MPs Pledge to Egyptians to Overthrow Fraud Parliament

Ousted MPs and opposition figures, in a privileged popular scene, have made a vow to the Egyptian people to move forward and end the legitimacy of the new Parliament

El-Baradei Calls on Independents and the Opposition to Resign from Parliament

Upon his return to Cairo a week ago, Dr. Mohamed El-Baradei, chairman of The National Association for Change (NAC), communicated with his supporters through “Twitter”.

El-Baradei: NAC Will Cooperate with MB and Egyptian Regime is Nervous

Former Head of IAEA, Mohammed El-Baradei, has stated that the National Association for change (NAC) is discussing the urge for change in Egypt, possible cooperation with the Muslim Brotherhood in