National Dialogue


Beltagy: Freedom and Justice Party Seeks Harmonious, Consensual Alliances

FJP leader Beltagy affirms that the party is on the look-out for election and political coalitions that work harmoniously, starting with negotiations that are free from pre-conditions and limitations.

Arif: Freedom and Justice Party Actively Seeks Serious National Dialogue

As Egypt opposition parties persistently seek to ditch parliamentary elections, the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party works for dialogue and national harmony to end opposition protest violence.

Erian: Opposition Must Accept Democracy, Compete in Elections, Earn People’s Trust

Egypt opposition forces can change the president, the cabinet and the constitution, if only they work through democratic process, through the ballot box.

Presidency Determined to Continue National Dialogue

Egyptian Presidency reaffirms that right of peaceful expression is guaranteed for everyone on the second anniversary of January 25 Revolution.

Saleh: Constitutional Court Reviews Election Law Before Race for House of Representatives

By virtue of the new Constitution, and in order to stop the incredulous squandering of precious resources, Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court is to review relevant laws before and not after

Freedom and Justice Party Studies Election Law; Supports Palestinian Cause Fundamentals

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, holds important meeting to consider latest amendment suggestions for forthcoming parliamentary race Election Law.

Ashri: Freedom and Justice Party Persistently Calls for National Dialogue More Than Three Times

FJP leader Mukhtar Ashri asserts that the party does not have anything to do with the formal complaint against the opposition figures accusing them of an illegitimate plot to overthrow

The MB’s Opinion – Points of Agreement

Egypt has been going through a transformational period since January 25th. On Friday, May 27th events took place in Tahrir Square and other squares around the country.

In a Rare Interview With State TV, Badie Praises Integrity of Egyptian Armed Forces

In a rare interview with the official Egyptian media, Dr. Mohammed Badie, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, was interviewed on Egyptian television broadcasted on Sunday evening. He discussed a number

National Dialogue attendees Disappointed

Saad al-Husseini, from the Muslim Brotherhood's Executive Bureau, stated that although the group participated in the National Dialogue which spanned over a few days the conference was slightly disappointing.