National Front for Change


Parties, Movements, and Prospects for Change in Egypt

Where are Egypt’s political parties in this picture? Clearly the country’s 24 licensed parties are not the engine of political dynamism.

ElBaradei the nucleus

The return of Mohamed ElBaradei, the former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, has increased speculation that he will challenge Mubarak in the 2011 presidential elections.

Essam Al Erian Calls For Freedom For All Political Prisoners

The Prosecution on December 9,2006, ordered the release of MB leader Dr. Essam Al Erian after 13 times of renewal of detention in 7 months.

NFC Calls On Mubarak to Withdraw From Camp David Treaty

The National Front for Change (NFC) held a press conference at the Press Association on Wednesday September 6, 2006, which was attended by a number of political activits, including Muslim

MB Chairman Attends Conference on Camp David

Tomorrow September 6, 2006, Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Mohamed Mahdi Akef is to give a speech at a conference organized by the National Front for Change (NFC) headed by former Prime

23 Members of the Muslim Brotherhood Arrested

State security police arrested 23 members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo including Yasser Ghazlan, son of Dr. Mahmoud Ghazlan member of the MB Executive Bureau.The arrests came while the

Tens of Muslim Brotherhood and Kefaya Activists Rounded up

In a new episode of arrests among political activists and members of the Muslim Brotherhood calling for reform, the Egyptian police rounded up 25 of the Muslim Brotherhood ranks from

More than 100 Muslim Brotherhood Students Detained

In continuation of the Egyptian regime’s systematic policy of indiscriminate and incomprehensible detentions against members of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Egypt, State Security Investigation personnel at the governorate of

National Front Campaigns to End Emergency Law

The National Front for Change, which includes the main opposition powers, held a press conference to launch its campaign to end emergency laws In his address, the Front’s Chief Aziz