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Pro-Democracy National Alliance Condemns Rampant Corruption, Absence of Social Justice

Egypt's pro-legitimacy coalition of parties and movements affirms that the people's rage and revolt are upsetting murderous military coup plans.

Impossible Similarity between Freedom and Justice Party and the Dissolved National Party

It is evident that some people hate Islamic movements regardless of what they are or whatever they are about in terms of ideas, ideologies and history. It is a kind

MP Saleh: We Respect the Law, Reject Military Council Maneuvers on Political Rights Bill

Egypt’s ruling military council may have the option to veto the Disenfranchisement Law, but the Egyptian man in the street, who voted-in the first post-revolution parliament, will have the final

Egyptian Parliament Passes Law Blocking Mubarak-Era Senior Figures’ Presidential Bids

Cairo – Thursday: Egypt’s lower House of Parliament has voted its final approval of legislation to sideline Mubarak’s senior officials, banning them from running for the country’s top job.

Dr. Ahmed Diab: Freedom and Justice Party Keen on Parliamentary Committees Consensus; Crisis Within Other

Dr. Ahmed Diab, a member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Executive Office and the Deputy of the Egyptian People’s Assembly (PA) Education Committee, stressed that the party made

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Events of the First Anniversary of the January 2011 Revolution

The first anniversary of the great Egyptian people’s Revolution witnessed a country living through a precarious transitional period. Some achievements have been made, such as: ousting of the head of

Dr. Ghozlan: Muslim Brotherhood Joins January 25 Celebrations, Protect Egypt’s Institutions, Remind of Revolution Demands

Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, media spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), underscored what happened in Tahrir Square today, and in other ‘freedom’ squares of Egypt, as confirmation that the Egyptian people

Egyptian Legislative Elections, FJP Press Release No. (22)

The second day of the second phase of the Egyptian People's Assembly elections began with varying numbers of voters turning out, huge crowds at some polling stations, while some others

Full English Translation of Dr. Mohamed Morsi’s Interview on Dream TV with Wael Ibrashi

Dream TV aired (Fri 2 Dec) an interview conducted by presenter Wael Ibrashi with Dr. Mohamed Morsi, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) in which he touched on

FJP Hilights Preliminary Indicators for Election Results and Vote Counting Violations

Vote counting started on Tuesday evening for the first phase in Egypt’s parliamentary elections 2011.