National Security


Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Attack on Military Bus in Cairo

The Muslim Brotherhood strongly condemns the attack on a military bus in Cairo Thursday that killed First Sergeant Yousri Hassan and injured three other officers.

Anti-Coup Alliance Condemns Assassination of National Security Official

Dr. Bishr denounces assassinations and demands fast-tracked investigations to bring killers of a National Security officer on Monday.

Eye On Torture: Black Bloc Admits Involvement in Attack on July 26 Protests

So-called Black Bloc thugs and security officers admit role in attacks on pro-democracy, pro-Morsi demonstrators at Unknown Soldier site July 26.

Muslim Brotherhood Vows to Continue Peaceful Protests Despite Threats to Disperse Sit-Ins

Claiming to have a ‘popular’ mandate to quash anti-coup, pro-democracy sit-ins in Cairo and other governorates across Egypt, the military-installed Cabinet has authorized Ministry of Interior forces to take ‘all

Minister of Culture: Scaremongering Rumor Campaign Totally Unfounded

Egypt’s new Minister of Culture calls on media professionals to commit to honesty and objectivity standards and to refrain from circulating rumors to scare and confuse public opinion.

Muslim Brotherhood: Official and Popular Diplomacy Will Resolve Any Water Crisis

After decades of neglect by successive governments, Egypt’s African relations need to be deepened and boosted for mutual benefits, especially as water crises loom for several countries.

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Pays Tribute to All Who Helped Free Kidnapped Soldiers in Sinai

Hailing the peaceful end to the hostage incident in Sinai, the Brotherhood urges greater endeavors for development of the whole region.

Gamal Heshmat: FJP Defends Coptic Families in Libya; Will Secure Their Rights

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party, affirms it is doing everything possible to help and support Coptic citizens in Libya.

Muslim Brotherhood Leader Ghozlan’s Statement on SMS Hoax

A dangerous and totally unfounded SMS message is being transmitted and circulated around in Egypt warning of a plot by the Muslim Brotherhood to blow up an important church.

Abdel-Meguid: No Privileges for Military in Constituent Assembly Proposals

Many suggestions submitted to Egypt’s charter-authoring panel urge support to bolster the country’s military forces, to enable them to do their duty positively, guarding its borders and protecting the homeland