National Security


Shura Council Speaker: Gulf and Egyptian National Security are Interdependent

Shura Council (Egyptian Parliament’s second Chamber) receives Bahraini delegation, assures united endeavors against all threats to national security to both countries.

After Meeting With Pelosi, Katatni Demands World Powers Respect Law and State Sovereignty

Dr. Katatni told a U.S. Congress delegation that the Egyptian Parliament refuses interventions and threats and pressure to drop charges against the defendants in the NGO foreign funding case, and

Farid Ismail: Parliament May Withdraw Confidence from Ganzouri Government

The Freedom and Justice party begins extensive talks and coordination efforts with all political stakeholders and professional experts in Egypt, in order to urgently form a national consensus government as

Recommendations of The Committee on Defense and National Security

The Committee on Defense and National Security (CDNS) ended its emergency, angry session last night by submitting a list of recommendations about recent violent events, including:

Freedom and Justice Party Requests British Assistance in Recovering Smuggled Money

Dr. Farid Ismail, a member of parliament and member of the Executive Office of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), called on the United Kingdom to help Egypt recover moneys

Role of MPs of the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary Bloc (2005-2010)

In 2005-2010 parliament, the Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc had quite an intense constitutional and legislative battle and made a huge effort documented in parliamentary records and statistical reports, witnessed by

FJP 2011 Program on Urban Development

Developing innovative models for the design and construction of low-cost, environment-friendly housing, facilities and utilities which rely on local building materials and new technologies.

Popular March for FJP in Abdine Area

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) organized a march in Abdene area, Cairo, to congratulate the residents with Eid Al Adha. The march was led by candidates of FJP and

MB Accuses National Security Apparatus of Crackdown on its Charity Activities

The Muslim Brotherhood accused the National Security Apparatus in Port Said of cracking down on its charity projects during the holy month of Ramadan in the same manner of the

Egypt Rights Groups Accuse SCAF of Deliberate Smear Campaign

In a press conference Wednesday sponsored by 36 Egyptian human rights organizations at the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies, the NGO's announced their condemnation of the "very fierce campaign"