Gamal Mubarak’s non-campaign

How strange Egyptian politics are becoming. The launch of a “popular campaign” in the last few weeks to encourage Gamal Mubarak to run for presidency appears to have begun the

Energy Resources

Protesters in parts of Egypt pointed to natural gas exports to Israel as the reason for blackouts in their country, an opposition group said.

Opposition participates in protests against rising prices

Egyptian opposition parties and political movements staged protest marches on Wednesday in Cairo 's poorest area the Matareya district demonstrating their anger over escalating bread prices.

MB MP requests ending of gas exports to Israel to accommodate Egypt ‘s demands

Egypt's current recurring of power outages is blamed on insufficient natural gas at many power plants.

NDP corrupters trigger inner strife

As parliamentary elections near, contractors, parliamentarians, and ruling party officials, expose various violations pertaining to state-owned land sale violations rendering the government as corruptive thieves

Mubarak’s Regime may be a Victim of its Own Success

By focusing on western demands for economic restructuring – and the personal enrichment that has accompanied it – Egypt’s ruling elites have become almost comically out of touch with their

US senators submit resolution urging Egypt’s regime to revoke its hold on citizens’ freedom

The US Foreign Relations Committee received a drafted resolution by US senators Russ Finegold, Robert Casey and former presidential nominee John McCain urging Egypt to abolish its 30 year old

MB asserts they will participate in upcoming parliamentary elections

Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni, head of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, has ascertained that the Muslim Brotherhood will continue to participate in the political arena in all legislative elections through

Egyptian PM: Emergency law necessary for Egypt ‘s prosperity

Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif defended the decision to renew the dreaded emergency law, which has been imposed since 1981. He described the law as necessary in protecting citizens and

Towards the Release of Detainees under the Emergency Law … Egypt without the Emergency Law

the Prime Minister announced in a speech to the People’s Assembly, “As it seeks a two-year extension of the Emergency Law, the government vows before the People’s Assembly not to