Dutch filmmaker: I saw Sharon shoot two Palestinian toddlers at close range

Dutch filmmaker George Sluizer spread in the media this month accusations that former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon killed two Palestinian children in a refugee camp in Beirut in 1982

Is a Jewish holocaust against the Palestinians in the offing?

A few days ago, Dov Lior, the Rabbi of the Jewish colony of Kiryat Arba, called for the annihilation of the people of the city of Nablus. Speaking to fellow

Mr. Obama: Thou shall not lie

In his remarks marking the passage of nine years since the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington on 11 September, 2001, President Obama said Americans ought to remain true

Anti-Semitic Charges Must Not Divert Attention from Zio-Nazism

In recent days and weeks, I have been attacked with unusual ferocity and vindictiveness by the usual shipyard dogs standing guard at the gate of Israeli Nazism. They have called

Khaled Amayreh: A dangerous juncture in Palestinian history

While the Israeli Government is projecting an "economic peace" with the Palestinians and the French Government is calling for the recognition of a fictitious Palestinian State - deprived of land

Michael Oren: sorry, but you represent a Nazi state

In trying to whitewash Israel’s cruel crimes against the Palestinian people, including the ongoing cruel campaign against the Gaza Strip, Israel’s ambassador to the United States Michael Oren made a

Zionist propaganda body seeks volunteers to distort Wikipedia input on ME

A Zionist hasbara (propaganda) body based in North America is trying to recruit “volunteers” whose main job is to distort the input of the internet’s most visited websites in Israel’s