NDP Candidate


FJP Statement 39, Last day of the Third Phase, Egypt’s Parliamentary Elections 2011-2012

Polling centres were opened to voters in the last day of the third phase of the parliamentary elections. Although turnout at first was moderate it was expected that it would

NDP Candidate Shoots Son of a MB supporter in Beni Suef

Councillor Hamdy Faruq, attorney general of Beni Suef prosecutions, decided to arrest Shaaban Younes, supporter of the National Ruling Party’s candidate, Ahmed El-Reedy, for four days on charges of shooting

Egypt: Media Prevented From Covering Fraud During First Round of Parliamentary Elections

No one but the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) seems to dispute the fact that there was massive fraud during the first round of the parliamentary elections on 28 November.

Cabinet ministers kick off campaigns

The ruling National Democratic Party's (NDP) electoral colleges are due to meet on 29 September to select candidates for November's People's Assembly election.

Warming up exercises

The countdown to the legislative elections scheduled for November has started, with the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) and the opposition, both secular and Islamist, already in rehearsal for the

Taking on Mubarak

Mohamed ElBaradei has lit a fire under President Hosni Mubarak’s stagnant rubber-stamp government

Dr. Morsy: The regime’s violations exposes its intentions

Mohamed Morsy, Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman, criticized the continued abuses against the MB candidates with the upcoming Shura Council’s elections.

Jurists urge the Election Commission to exclude Egypt ‘s NDP candidate

Leading jurists warned the higher election committee of the dangers of not enforcing the judicial decisions of eliminating NDP candidate Hoda Tablawy from the Kafr El-Sheik Constituency from the nomination

NDP’s nominee excluded deeming MB nominee winner

The legal Committee for the Muslim Brotherhood nominees filed a complaint against the Interior minister to the Supreme Administrative Court in the Kafr el Sheikh governorate on behalf of their

MB candidate exposes NDP’s shortcomings

As Shura elections near rivalry escalates in some of Egypt 's constituencies. Appeals for the appropriateness of the NDP candidate have been submitted by Muslim Brotherhood candidate Ossama Husseiny from