NDP Candidates


NDP Has Challenges Cut Out for It

Egypt's parliamentary elections that ended on December 5 could be described as unprecedented not because the ruling National Democratic Party won the majority of votes and monopolized the chamber but

Will the NDP’s House of Cards Collapse?

The regime argues that it won the 2010 elections because of its efficiency – despite the documented fraud -, as its candidates were highly trained and because communication groups were

NDP Official Begins Party’s Defense with Attack

Safwat El-sheriff the Secretary-General for the ruling National Democratic Party rekindled the party’s attack against the Muslim Brotherhood opposition during an interview on the Mehwar TV satellite channel.

Egypt’s 2010 Elections – Fraud, Oppression and Hope for Change

Eygpt’s 2010 parliamentary elections will go down in history as a blatant fraud and crime against democracy and the people it represents.

Violent Attacks on Media Reported on Egypt’s Black Sunday

Cases of deliberate hindering of journalists trying to cover Egypt’s parliamentary poll November 28 and its runoff December 5 were reported by Reporters without borders on Thursday

Egypt’s NDP secures well deserved sleight of hand title during round two of poll

After round two of Egypt’s controversial parliamentary elections the ruling National Democratic Party will undoubtedly emerge with all but a handful of the seats after the Muslim Brotherhood its strongest

Sunday’s Run-Offs – A Non-Event

Sunday is a holiday in Egypt. Most Egyptian school children will probably remember the 2010 run-offs as simply a day off school.

Human Rights Report: 1165 Violations Including 6 deaths and 326 Cases including Sexual Harassment in

The Human Rights Association reports 1165 violations, including 6 deaths and 326 cases including sexual harassment during the parliamentary elections, which were held two days ago.

The Muslim Brotherhood Bows out Graciously

The Muslim Brotherhood is boycotting the second round of voting in the parliamentary elections scheduled for December 5, after being all but shut out in the first round of voting.

Judge Wardani: State Security Forces Shut Down Voting Centers

Vice President of the Court of Appeals, Ayman Al-Wardani, resigned from his post as a member of the committee mandated with supervising the elections in the city of Arish in