NDP Candidates


Judge Wardani: State Security Forces Shut Down Voting Centers

Vice President of the Court of Appeals, Ayman Al-Wardani, resigned from his post as a member of the committee mandated with supervising the elections in the city of Arish in

MB Preparing a File on Election Violations to Submit to the Attorney General

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and Al-Wafd Party are going to submit two complaints to the Attorney General on the violations that took place during the elections such as “Fraud, abuse,

Al-Ashal and Al-Khodairy: “The MB’s withdrawal from the elections saves Egypt’s dignity which was wasted

Dr. Abdallah Al-Ashal, former minister of foreign affairs expressed his happiness at the MB’s decision to withdraw from the re-elections in objection to the rigging of the results in the

MB Chairman: We Will Pursue Systematic Election Fraud in Key Domestic and International Forums

Dr Mohammed Badie, chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), praised the turnout of Egyptians regardless of their choices, describing it as the beginning of real change and desired reform.

MB Chairman: We Will Continue to Work Peacefully for Egypt and the People’s Wellbeing Regardless

Dr. Mohamed Badie has confirmed that the group will continue to work to serve Egypt and its people whatever the consequences and despite all the obstacles.

MB will not refrain from helping citizens

Following the announcement of semi-final results in which dozens of MB candidates failed and over 20 MB candidates entered a second round for re-elections on December 5, 2010, Dr Mahmoud

Egypt’s Election – Blight on a Nation

Egypt's opposition has dubbed the parliamentary elections invalid, claiming the ruling party secured its overwhelming victory by vote rigging and bribery.

Massive Raid Campaigns Resume in Dakahlia and State Security Hands Ballot Papers to Committees Sorting

State security forces in Fayoum handed in to the heads of the Electoral Commission an official final count that covered names and the number of votes obtained by each candidate,

Police officials manipulate election and rig electoral cards

Security forces reportedly broke into polling stations located in four villages in Borollos and Hamoul, Kafr al-Sheikh districts. Police manipulated electoral cards in favor of National Democratic party candidate Essam

Forging, Arrests and Beatings on the First Day of Elections

Various security violations have taken place in many governorates of Egypt against candidates of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) to prevent any mass communication expected for MB candidates.