NDP Candidates


MB Candidates Top Masrawy’s Poll‏

22,218 people voted, and the MB obtained 42% of the votes, independents 28%, the opposition obtained 14 % and the NDP only received 16% of the votes.

Five Arrested and Four Injured in New Security Attacks against MB in Kafr El-Sheikh

Security forces launched campaigns on Sunday against a rally for Muslim Brotherhood candidates in Kafr El-Sheikh consistency, Abdullah Mesbah and the group's candidate for the women's quota, Fatima Mousa.

Clerics Fired for not Promoting NDP Candidates During Sermons

Egypt's ruling party's substance of campaign propaganda advocacy and attack appears not to have changed from former elections.

Analysts Slam NDP’s Decision which Allows Members to Vie for the Same Seat

The ruling National Democratic Party‘s decision to feature more than one candidate to vie for the same seat has been viewed by some as a sign of weakness.

MB top Lawyer: Egyptian ruling Regime detains 361 MB and raids 106 firms and businesses

Top Muslim Brotherhood defence lawyer Abdel Moneim Abdel-Maqsoud, maintained that since the announcement of the group’s decision, on October 9, to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections in November 2010

Egypt: National political powers threaten civil disobedience

Hassan Nafaa, general coordinator for the National Association for Change urged Mubarak's regime to respond to the public's peaceful demands for change, cautioning they could face popular uprising if they