Egypt Arts Academy Bans Film Suspected as Brotherhood Production

In an absurd act of blatant discrimination, the Academy of Arts prevents showing of a movie perceived as a ‘Brotherhood production’ in any movie theater in Egypt.

Media Strike Attempt to Settle Accounts by Former Regime Hangovers

Egyptian Newspapers and satellite TV channels on strike Tuesday and Wednesday are trying to settle accounts for former regime holdovers and loyalists who stubbornly refuse democratic transformation.

Shehabeddin: Critics of Supreme Council of Press Not Used to Intellectual Diversity and Multiplicity

While Egypt's new press council appointments include journalists, editors-in-chief, legal experts, politicians and academics – of varying intellectual and political orientations, some critics can still find fault in new formation.

Weapons of mass deception: time to turn to alternative media

Paul J. Balles looks at the hazards of relying on the mainstream media, which are increasingly concentrated in the hands of a small number of conglomerates and moguls, such as

The Internet killing the freelance journalist

Aspiring freelance journalists came to Egypt and the Middle East in abundance in recent years, but with the continued fast-paced Internet age, timing has become vitally important for news organizations

Newspapers Strike In Protest of Publication Law

About 25 daily and weekly newspapers ceased publication Sunday July 9, 2006, in protest of the government’s bill on amendments of publication law.