Egypt Rights NGO: 10 Unarmed Citizens Killed by Interior Ministry Forces in Two Days

Official statements about exchange of fire between wanted men and security forces, and conflicting accounts reported are a recurring scenario in many Egyptian governorates. This usually begins with arbitrary detention

Human Rights Center Shows Evidence of Sisi Interior Ministry Lies About Citizen’s Death

The Arab-African Center for Freedoms and Human Rights (ACFHR) affirms that the Ministry of Interior (IM) lied in its statement on May 6, 2017 concerning the killing of Mohamed Abdel-Sattar

Syria Muslim Brotherhood Denounces Displacement of People of Waer, Homs

 In a new episode of the Assad regime’s crimes of systematic demographic manipulation, the government is preparing to displace nearly 100,000 Syrian citizens from district of Waer in Homs, right

Human Rights NGO: 2978 Killed Outside the Law Since 2013

Rights organization (ECRF) reveals that the military coup regime has killed 2978 from July 2013 and until June 2016.

Rights NGOs, Families Conference Condemns Military Death Sentences for Political Prisoners

In a special conference Wednesday, rights organizations and families of political detainees denounce death sentences meted out by the junta's military courts to civilian dissidents, in violation of all relevant

Statement from President Mohamed Morsi’s Family

Ousted by the military junta in Egypt, elected President Morsi is the only detainee in the country who is not allowed any visits from his family altogether since the traitorous

Youth Activists Campaign for ‘Disappeared’ Alexandria Students

Alexandria (Egypt) rights activists continue to use social media to highlight the ordeal of 20 youths subjected to forced disappearance by coup security forces since February 4.

Disappeared Dozens Tortured by Fascist Junta Apparatuses in Sharqeya Province

Evidence emerges that forcibly disappeared citizens are being held and inhumanly tortured to death in Egypt's National Security HQ in Abu Kabir – Sharqeya Governorate (north-east of Cairo).

Rights Organization Report Details Coup Atrocities on January 25 Revolution Fifth Anniversary

NGO ECRF's final report documents junta regime violations against peaceful anti-coup protesters including at least 5 extrajudicial killings, numerous injuries, 193 arrests and detentions (including many girls and women) in

Rights Report on Coup Forces Violations in Peaceful Protests Monday So Far

At the start of the sixth year of the January 25 Revolution, NGO ECRF reports atrocities against non-violent anti-coup protesters including 3 extrajudicial killings, many injuries, 37 arrests and detentions