FJP Receives Nigerian Ambassador to Cairo, Stresses Vital Relations With Africa

Freedom and Justice Party, (FJP) Vice Chairman, Dr. Essam Al Erian, received on Monday Nigeria’s Ambassador to Cairo Mr. Baba Jana Wakeel. During the meeting, the ambassador congratulated the FJP

MB in Egypt refute allegations of affiliation with Nigeria’s so called Muslim Brotherhood

Stories were published today and posted online stirring up and stimulating important intellectual and political discourse among Islamists and in particular the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt who found themselves part

Egypt tells Shehata no-go for Nigeria job

Shehata had said he was contacted by Nigeria following the African Cup of Nations – which Egypt won for a third straight time – and allegedly had offered him a

Algeria-Egypt rivalry is so last year

The reason behind my mounting disgust towards the behavior of our North African aficionados is that Arabs have suffered enough already and there is no need to flex fists over

Humble Eight-man Algeria

Egypts' two-time defending champions had a triumphant 4-0 victory against Algeria in a foul-ridden and bleak Africa Cup of Nations semi in Benguela to reach Sunday's final against Ghana .

Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary Bloc congratulate the Egyptian Football team.

The MB parliamentary bloc congratulated Egypt 's football players after their outstanding performance and 4 nil victory against Algeria on Thursday.

Muslim Brotherhood blasts violence in Nigeria

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood has condemned the deadly sectarian violence between Muslims and Christians that has plunged central Nigeria into chaos.

Nigeria: Religious Hate Explodes, Shaming Both Christians and Muslims

A week ago, religious hatred and riots in Nigeria resulted in devastating loss of life,

Egypt’s Brotherhood calls for the end of violence and bloody clashes in Nigeria.

Islam calls for openmindedness and tolerance and indifferences must not be blamed on intolerant Muslims.

Egypt confident ahead of second African cup match

Egypt, its players and supporters, are confident it will basically punch its ticket to the quarterfinals on Saturday in its second African Cup match versus Mozambique.