Nile River


Burundi signs accord to share Nile

On Monday Burundi had become the sixth African nation to sign an agreement known as the Nile Basin Initiative calling for countries to share the Nile River.

Why is the Arab world frozen in time?

Why is it that at the beginning of the 21st century the Arab world seems stuck in time? Why are most Arabs still ruled by kings or military dictatorships? And

The anti-Muslim Nile Hotel

If a Muslim cannot be treated with equality in a “Muslim” country, then how can we expect equality anywhere else? Of course, “Muslim” entails much more that one single culture,

A city called Egypt

It’s past time that Egyptians came to terms with the reality that we’re a country that imports its breakfast.

Abdel Rhman criticizes the government for the lack of attention it pays citizens

MP Sheikh Mohamed Abdel Rhman, member of the MB Parliamentary bloc, submitted an urgent request for information to the Prime Minister and Deputy-Minister of Transportation regarding the government's negligence in

Urgent request for information on the reconstruction of Sinai by Muslim Brotherhood MP al-Missiri.

A request for information aimed at the Prime Minister and ministers of, Agriculture, Irrigation, Local Development, Interior, Defence and Housing regarding the non-reconstruction and the member of the Muslim Brotherhood

Nile boats collide in Egypt leave dozens missing

Two boats traveling in the northern Nile Delta region collided, security sources said on Saturday, one day after the incident. According to reports, some 13 passengers were rescued after two