A talk with the Muslim Brotherhood’s Ibrahim Munir

Asharq Al-Awsat- In November 2010, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood achieved a ‘zero result’ in the country’s parliamentary elections, having previously held 88 national seats. As a result, the Brotherhood boycotted

Christian Arabs? Plight: Foreign ?Protection? Counterproductive

Suddenly, the U. S. - European alliance is acting to protect the ?existence? of the Christian Arab minority against the Muslim Arab majority whose very existence is besieged and threatened

MB Chairman: Change and reform require sacrifices

Dr. Mohamed Badie, MB Chairman, called on the Muslim nation to unite against the enemies who are plotting against it. He stressed that Islam is capable of facing injustices and

The keys to defusing tensions between America and Muslims

There have been many reports on television, many statements by politicians, and many articles, columns and letters in newspapers regarding the location of the proposed Islamic Center in Manhattan near

Scholars encourage dialogue to normalize Muslim and non-Muslim relations

According to scholars that although Terrorists and religious extremists may continue to grab headlines Muslims should distance themselves and should not allow episodes destroy the Muslim movement

Egypt’s Grand Mufti attends Chicago Islamic Union conference

The 47th Conference of the Islamic Union, scheduled to begin on Thursday July 1st is to be held in the city of Chicago in the US .

A defense of Rashad Hussain

President Obama's newly-announced envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), Rashad Hussain, "is at the center of a controversy." He is not only beset by criticism for a