Dr. Morsi: We Respect Court Decisions, Seek Real Consensus on Constitution

The FJP head, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, believes writing Egypt’s new Constitution can help build trust between the country’s political players and stakeholders.

Omar Ashour: Egypt’s Salafi Challenge

“We want democracy, but one constrained by God’s laws. Ruling without God’s laws is infidelity,” Yasser Burhami, the second leading figure in the Salafi Call Society (SCS) and its most

MB chairman congratulates Nour for being elected Ghad Party’s president

The Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie contacted Dr. Ayman Nour, President of the Ghad party congratulating him for winning the party's elections which took place last Friday.

A challenge to Mubarak

This year has seen a dramatic increase in political dissent and workers' protests in Hosni Mubarak's Egypt. In the first installment of this three-part series, Mostafa Omar looks at the

Nour fights to regain civil rights after prison

After more than three years in an Egyptian prison, the opposition leader Ayman Nour could be forgiven for taking a step back from the political spotlight. But nine months since

Gamal and Nour

Is Egypt living in a political mess? Has the country become weak about confronting minority groups? Are we going to wake up one day to find ourselves involved in the