Presidency: Egypt Withdraws from Nuclear Non-Proliferation Talks, Not the Treaty

Egypt’s presidency affirms that the country pulled out of NPT preparatory talks, rather than the treaty itself.

Critics question Obama’s authenticity in call for democracy

An article posted in the Washington post by Fred Hiatt discusses the US commitment to prioritise its call for democracy worldwide.


President Ahmadinejad of Iran has asked for a UN investigation of 9/11. For this, he has been branded a “wingnut” and “evildoer” by the American press.

IAEA votes down Arab arms resolution against Israel

Member states of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) rejected by a small margin a resolution tabled by Arab nations calling on Israel to undersign the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, a

Is Israel planning act of desperation? It still holds two stolen nukes for possible port

Gordon Duff warns that unless the international community takes decisive action by stripping Israel of its nuclear weapons and demanding regime change in Tel Aviv, the world might soon be

Splitting Egypt’s political atom

ElBaradei has been persuaded, through grassroots activism, to come home and launch a campaign to clean up the country's radioactive political decay after nearly three decades of toxic rule by

Nuclear-armed Israel slams non-nuclear Iran

Hardline Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the UN General Assembly Thursday that Iran's alleged quest for nuclear weapons was the greatest danger the world faces, in what observers say