Opposition Candidates


Opaque and Messy Elections

As results come in for Egypt’s People’s Assembly elections—surprise, a victory for the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP)—they are likely to enjoy little credibility either inside or outside the country

Background Report on Egyptian Civil Society Election Monitoring in Upcoming Elections

The Egyptian government has steadfastly refused to grant international election monitors access to monitor parliamentary elections this week. Senior Egyptian officials have rebuffed repeated requests from US government officials, claiming

Judges Express Concern over Elections’ Integrity

State-run newspapers and National Democratic Party (NDP) officials continue to live in oblivion announcing Sunday’s parliamentary elections as democratic despite numerous reports of rigging, violations, irregularities and violence.

Peaceful Change Under Threat in Egypt

Egyptians are protesting. The ruling regime has squashed their hopes for peaceful democratic change. What alternatives are there now? The Muslim Brotherhood is bound to its no-violence policy and continues

Egypt: Elections Marred as Opposition Barred from Polls

Elections to Egypt's People's Assembly on November 28, 2010, were marred by reports that opposition supporters were barred from polling stations and subjected to violence, Human Rights Watch said today.

Countdown to Polls Reveals NDP Will Stop at Nothing

Hours ahead of the scheduled parliamentary election polls the Egyptian High Elections Commission has failed to implement a court order to reinstate a number of opposition and independent candidates it

Argument Behind Boycotting – to Poll or Not to Poll

A government crackdown on Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood the country’s strongest Islamist opposition group has provided more reason for government opponents to encourage a boycott of Sunday's parliamentary vote.

Ruling NDP Files Complaints Against 52 MB Candidates

Egypt’s ruling NDP has filed complaints against 52 independent candidates in Sunday's parliamentary poll alleging they belong to an illegal organisation.

1044 Arbitrary Arrests in Run Up to Egypt’s Polls

Egyptian Security Forces have arrested 1044 Muslim Brotherhood activists in the run up to the country's parliamentary poll slated for November 28.

The Janus-like nature of Arab elections

Three Arab countries that should have very lively political cultures – Jordan, Bahrain and Egypt – have either just held parliamentary elections or will do so later this month. Having