Opposition Candidates


The Elusive Myth of Democratic Egyptian Elections

Later this month, Egyptians will go to the polls, or attempt to, in order to vote in the country’s parliamentary elections.

Egyptian Activists Doubt Integrity of Polls

Director of the Arab Network for Human Rights Information Gamal Eid cautioned the limitations forced on opposition candidates in Egypt. Additional though unjust rights were granted by the Egyptian government

Egypt Cracks Down as U.S. Stands By

In the face of police brutality, crackdowns on political parties and media, and a host of other violations ahead of Egypt's Nov. 28 parliamentary election, human rights advocates are calling

Egypt’s Ministry of Information Obliged to Allocate Time for all Political Parties

The Supreme Administrative Court, headed by Judge Magdy al-Agati, has issued a ruling requiring Minister of Information, Anas al-Fiqi, and president of the International Radio and Television Union, to allocate

Carnegie Report tries to make sense of Egypt’s electoral process

A new guide issued by The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace provides background and analysis to Egypt’s upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections.

Finding Meaning in the Egyptian Elections

It would be easy to dismiss Egypt’s November 29 parliamentary elections as just one more chapter in Egypt’s rather sad recent electoral history.

NDP attests to election rigging

The Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies witnessed much contradictory comments from political opposition forces regarding the last Shura midterm elections.

Mubarak fails to follow through with Shura election promises

Egypt's 2010 midterm Shura elections up revealed that the assurances made by President Mubarak were mere lies

Tensions rise as Shura’s opposition candidates face difficulties

Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood movement have faced numerous assaults from the NDP as banners and posters in favour of the MB are either ripped or confiscated.