Opposition Groups


Who is who in Syrian opposition?

A summary of the opposition groups and their power in Syria which has been ruled by the Baath Party for 48 years.

Opposition Groups Reject Regime’s Offer To Engage In Talks

Following the last two days of violence Opposition groups have rejected offers to engage in talks.

Tunis 2011 – Has the Long Awaited Change Come?

The mass demonstrations in Tunisia did not just happen overnight; resentment has been brewing for some time in the country.

Opposition Groups Issue Statement Calling for Interior Minister’s Resignation

A statement was issued by political opposition and national group’s calling for the resignation of Habib al-Adly, the Interior Minister.

Students, Opposition, and International Groups Condemn Church Bombing

The deadly blast outside an Egyptian Church in Alexandria was condemned by representatives from Egypt's entire political spectrum, governments worldwide and international organizations.

MB leader ascertains group will voice dissent over poll peacefully, legally and constitutionally

Following the farcical parliamentary poll held in Egypt opposition groups have highlighted that it may take its political struggle to the streets in an attempt to expose the ruling regime

Many Voices United for Change – Egypt ’s Shadow Parliament

Egypt's controversial new parliament convened Monday, and it was filled almost entirely with members of the ruling party.

Opposition Sticks to Parliamentary Boycott

The decision to boycott the second round of elections made by Egypt’s opposition groups the Muslim Brotherhood and the Wafd Party was respected by all members.

Egypt dissent yet to get from Facebook to the streets

Internet campaigns for political reform in Egypt are losing traction because opposition groups have failed to channel online voices into a grass-roots movement capable of challenging the authorities.

Egyptian Activists Doubt Integrity of Polls

Director of the Arab Network for Human Rights Information Gamal Eid cautioned the limitations forced on opposition candidates in Egypt. Additional though unjust rights were granted by the Egyptian government