Opposition Parties


Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Mansoura Violent Attacks

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, strongly condemns all forms of violence and vandalism, and mourns another Brother killed Wednesday by thugs hired by certain opposition parties.

FJP: Egyptian Opposition Flouts Principles of Democracy; Mobilizes for Violence

FJP leading member, Ismail, condemns the opposition’s evident determination to stir trouble, threaten stability and cause panic, destruction and mayhem.

Muslim Brotherhood: Egypt Opposition Provides Political Cover, Support for Violence

Failing to even speak out against violence and thuggery in supposedly peaceful opposition protests is not entirely surprising, as supporters of NSF parties always accompany Rebel members on violent ‘missions’.

FJP: Opposition Refused to Nominate New Governors; Attempts Coup Against Legitimacy

Having refused to offer candidates for a nationwide governor reshuffle, Egypt’s opposition parties and movements now reject the President’s appointments and plot violence for the anniversary of his first year

Muslim Brotherhood: No Decision Regarding June 30 Yet

As opposition parties gear up for an illegitimate attempt to oust the democratically elected President, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood hopes June 30 protest events will be peaceful.

Freedom and Justice Party Reaches Out for Dialogue with Everyone, for Egypt Rejuvenation

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, the FJP, vows to cooperate and engage in dialogue with any willing party for the sake of the homeland.

Syria Brotherhood Seeks Broad Consensus

Muslim Brotherhood in Syria refutes claims of ‘Ikhwanization’; encourages all opposition parties to join in efforts to govern liberated areas.

Violence Against Brotherhood and FJP Systematic; Opposition Shuns Democracy, Peaceful Protest

Egypt opposition parties seem more determined than ever to join hands with Mubarak cronies and affiliates in desperate, violent and ‘strategic’ power-seeking endeavors.

Freedom and Justice Party Leader Darrag: Kerry Cairo Visit Important

FJP leader Darrag hails US Secretary of State Kerry’s visit to the Egyptian capital Cairo as an important one, describing Kerry’s call to opposition parties to join forthcoming legislative elections

Egypt National Conscience Front Founding Statement: We Will Defend Freedoms

Newly launched ‘National Conscience Front’ alliance leaders reaffirm it is not a political party, and assure it aims to defend freedoms, revolution goals and popular will.