Opposition Parties


El-Baradei: Egypt’s dream or illusion

To applaud El-Baradei’s “provided intention,” the Independent Campaign to Support El-Baradei for 2011 Elections, decided to collect attorneys from people to authorize El-Baradei to change the constitution; although he did

Jordan: Anti- Normalization bodies call for annulling peace treaty with Israel.

A top anti-normalization Jordanian committee, grouping opposition parties and professional associations calls for the annulling of agreements.

Muslim Brotherhood Movement Chairman Mr Mohamed Mahdi Akef criticizes the shunning of the movement.

Shunning of Muslim Brotherhood Movement raises questions of sincerity and transparency of opposition.

El-Beradei: If I run for president, I will run as an Independent.

Muslim Brotherhood: Uncertainty overshadows political parties' decisions and the Brotherhood will not nominate any of its members for presidency.