Opposition Parties


Turkey’s Military Intervention in Syria

The Turkish government on Friday ordered its army to move into northern Syria .The announcement was made just two days before the country's general elections, as Syrians struggle desperately against

Political expert: Opposition Party differences Must be Overcome

Addressing crowds in a symposium at the General Egypt Library in Damanhour, Beheira Amr al-Shobaki, an expert in the Ahram Centre for Political and strategic studies covered numerous issues.

Three Opposition Parties Form Coalition For Upcoming Parliamentary Elections

The news website Al-Masreyoun (The Egyptians) learnt that consultations are being held between the heads of three liberal parties to form a coalition in the upcoming parliamentary elections in September,

Who is who in Syrian opposition?

A summary of the opposition groups and their power in Syria which has been ruled by the Baath Party for 48 years.

The revenge of 10 children with nails removed

Ten children living in the Syrian city of Daraa were inspired by the Arab Spring and wrote an expression of freedom on walls. They were arrested by the intelligence agency.

MB: Freedom and Justice Party Grants Christians Rights Denied during Mubarak’s Reign

The Muslim Brotherhood's media spokesman Mohamed Saad el-Katatni said the new atmosphere of freedom opened the door for all Islamist sects like Salafists and others to be an integral part

MB Chairman: A Leading MB Executive Bureau Member Will Resign to Head Freedom & Justice

In the first interview with the state-run Al-Ahram newspaper, MB Chairman Mohammed Badi has noted that the Brothers were committed to apply shura principle in all walks of life.

MB and Opposition forces to run joint list in elections

A recent statement by Muslim Brotherhood deputy chairman Khairat Al-Shater has confirmed that the group has initially agreed in principle to run a joint list with other parties in the

March 19 referendum for constitutional changes

A referendum scheduled for Saturday March 19 is set to ask Egypt' s people to vote on changes that would relax regulations and restrictions concerning who could run for president.

Suleiman calls on opposition to continue dialogue

In an attempt to avoid a possible coup Vice President Omar Suleiman called today for opposition groups to continue dialogue.