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Tunisia – the people’s revolution

Yvonne Ridley comments on the British media’s lopsided coverage of the uprising in Tunisia – devoting airtime to the inconvenience caused to UK tourists and focusing on the role of

Government Proposes Law to Amend current Presidential Election Criteria

Egypt's cabinet has drafted a law which sets 2017 as deadline for minor parties in parliament to field presidential candidates.

Egypt’s People’s Parliament Announces 16 MB Names as Members

During a press conference held at the Al-Wafd party’s headquarters on Sunday, the Coordinating Committee of the People's Parliament announced its founding statement and the initial list of members as

The Egyptian People’s Parliament to announce Formation Statement from Al-Wafd Party Sunday

According to Alaa Abdel Monem, media spokesman of the People’s Parliament, the parliament will announce its founding statement and the initial list of members next Sunday at the Al-Wafd party’s

Former MB MP: People’s Parliament Formed by End of Week

Dr. Mohamed El-Beltagy, former secretary-general of the 2005Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, affirmed the end of the necessary preparations for the people’s parliament.

Experts: Brotherhood’s Participation in the People’s Parliament Ensure its Survival

Analysts, experts, politicians and parliamentarians welcomed the Muslim Brotherhood's participation in the "People's Parliament", emphasizing that they are one of the basic guarantees, due to the group’s real political weight

Mubarak disgraces Egypt’s reputation

Mubarak's government in Egypt has played a win at all costs game of parliamentary elections going beyond blatant fraud to violence, intimidation and false arrests.

Egypt’s Winners and Losers

The election results may not have been surprising, but what will be the long-term repercussions for the key players?

Alliance for AEA, Europeans Demand to Change Article 76 and to Nominate a Single Candidate

Peaceful democratic transition in Egypt, the presidential elections and the unity of opposition forces were among issues discussed at a conference devoted to it and organized recently in the Egyptian

Egyptian Opposition Divided?

An article in the Guardian cites that the final results of the recent Egyptian parliamentary ballots guarantee five years of political insignificance for the institutional opposition.