20 Opposition Coalitions, Movements Urge Revolutionary Unity for January 25 Protests

A group of anti-coup revolutionary movements call all Egyptians to close rank, unite and raise high the banners of the January 25 Revolution, above all partisan or personal interests.

Global demonstrations in solidarity with Egypt’s pro-democracy movement

A series of world-wide demonstrations will be held on Friday 30th August in solidarity with the heroic Egyptian people. Activists and campaigners will converge on major cities in the Americas,

Study shows opposition to Morsi ouster rises to 69%

A recent field study indicates that the number of Egyptians opposed to the overthrow of Dr Mohamed Morsi as President has risen to 69 per cent. Only around 25 per

Marx’s Lesson for the Muslim Brothers

KARL MARX wrote that history repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce. He had in mind the Revolution of 1848, when a democratic uprising against the French monarchy collapsed

Pro-Democracy, Anti-Coup Alliance Calls For ‘Break the Coup’ Demonstrations Friday July 19

As a coalition of pro-legitimacy, pro-Morsi parties, groups and movements calls a huge protest rally on Friday, Brotherhood spokesman urges commitment to civilized behavior and peacefulness.

The current conflict is between democracy, governance, and the military coup; not the Brotherhood and

The matter at hand during this difficult time, which began with the events on June 30 2013 and culminated in a military coup on July 3 2013, is not the

Egypt, be careful what you wish for

“Be careful what you set your heart upon - for it will surely be yours.” These words James Baldwin wrote in 1961, concerned a man who was skeptical of his

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Violent Attack on Helmi Mosque in Sharqiya Province

Despite daily vicious attacks on Muslim Brotherhood meetings, rallies, homes, shops and HQs, the group reiterates its commitment to a peaceful discourse that builds and constructs.

New Threat to Egyptian Democracy

Hidden by headlines from the Middle East on the Syrian crisis and Obama's announcement of greater U.S. involvement, the uprising in Taksim Square and major cities in Turkey, and the

Muslim Brotherhood: Egyptian People Condemn Coup against Elected President

Although it accepts that acting as an opposition is a constitutional right for all citizens, the Muslim Brotherhood denounces use of violence and thuggery under any pretext.