Orthodox Church


Coptic organizations begin dialogue with MB

Three Coptic organisations have agreed to begin a dialogue with the Muslim Brotherhood (MB).

Church Calls on Copts to Boycott Day of Rage

The Coptic Orthodox Church has called on all Copts to abstain from taking part in the scheduled protest on January 25 alleging that the Day of Rage is initiated by

Christian Arabs? Plight: Foreign ?Protection? Counterproductive

Suddenly, the U. S. - European alliance is acting to protect the ?existence? of the Christian Arab minority against the Muslim Arab majority whose very existence is besieged and threatened

Egyptian Ministers Pelted with Stones by Angry Christian Demonstrators

"At least 4,000 Copts, led by monk, Samaan El-Kharaz, were demonstrating near a monastery, chanting slogans insulting Islam and its religious scholars and demanding to execute offenders responsible for Alexandria's

Egypt’s Pope offers his apology to Muslims

Pope Shenouda III from Egypt offered an apology in a television interview to Muslims who were offended after his top Bishop Bishoy reportedly disputed the authenticity of some verses of

MB slams Bishop’s offensive remarks and calls on Muslims to remain calm

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt called on the Church to respond to the offensive comments made by Bishop Bishoy.

Coptic Church says no to cameras

The Orthodox Coptic Church has refused to install security cameras inside their churches across Egypt. Dr. Mahmoud Hamdy Zaqzouq, Minister of Religious Endowments installed security cameras, which operate 24 hours

Egypt: Intellectuals accuse Freedoms Committee of ignoring MB basic rights.

Coptic activist Gamal Asaad accused the USCIRF of being uncompassionate to human rights and religious freedoms. He used the example of the neglect of Copts in Egypt and the lack