Osama Nasr


Doctors: Using ambulance as ‘cover up’ is criminal

A group of doctors severely condemned the Ministry of Interior for using the properties of the Ministry of Health in arresting a number of MB leaders including Dr. Osama Nasr,

15 day detention order for Nasr and his companions.

Prosecutor General orders a 15 day detention order to Dr Ossama Nasr and his colleagues who were arrested last Thursday in Beheira.

Dr. Saad Elewa reveals the truth behind the “International Network of the Muslim Brotherhood”

Dr. Mohamed Saad Elewa, Head of Urology department in Bolaq el-Dakrour Hospital was one of the defendants in case No. 404-Supreme State Security, renown in the media as the case

Court order defiance of release orders all too frequent.

The re-arrests of distinguished and highly ranked Muslim Brotherhood leaders exemplify the all too frequent defiance by the security forces of court orders for the release of citizens. For the

Sunday’s Vote Reveals Regime’s Stagnant Mentality, says MB Alex Chairman

Muslim Brotherhood chairman in Alexandria Osama Nasr said Sunday’s vote is "shameful", but that it will not deter the Muslim Brotherhood from practicing their democratic right.