Osama Yassin


Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Al-Shater and 450 Tora Prison Detainees on Hunger Strike

A number of Muslim Brotherhood leaders and President Mohamed Morsi’s aides and advisers, currently detained in Egypt’s notorious Tora Prison, start a hunger strike in protest at conditions inside the

Youth Minister Yassin Leads Development Campaign as Revolution Touches Egypt Youth Centers

Youth Minister personally visits dozens of youth centers across Egypt to oversee timely development and effective work carried out by his Ministry.

Youth Minister: We Will Prepare Youth for Local Councils, Parliament and the Presidency

After decades of neglect, Egypt endeavors to develop youth centers to empower new generations of Egyptians for a brighter future.

Osama Yassin Calls for Empowering Youth in Arab Decision-Making

Egyptian Minister of Youth Yassin stresses the importance of young people enjoying their full rights and engaging in political life in Arab World countries.

Muslim Brotherhood Youth: No Unit 95 – Our Message is of Peace and Cooperation

Refuting most absurd claims circulating in dubious media, Brotherhood youth have taken to Twitter and Facebook with numerous pages ridiculing the so-called Brotherhood Unit 95 idea, while affirming the peaceful

Osama Yassin: Egypt Values Partnership With EU Through Youth Programs

Egypt’s Euro-Mediterranean youth unit gears up to enhance performance and activities, in preparation for greater international involvement, especially European Union cooperation through organized youth programs.

Farid Ismail Assures: New Constitution a Celebration of Egypt’s Revolution

The Freedom and Justice Party’s Dr. Ismail affirms that drafting of Egypt’s new national charter is nearly complete; and affirms it will do all the Egyptian people proud.

Political Parties and Groups Reach Consensus on Constitution-Writing Panel Composition

After a week-long discussion, political party leaders reach deal for the make-up of the constituent panel tasked with drafting Egypt’s new national charter.

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Constituent Assembly Agreement

After week-long meetings with various political parties and community leaders, the Muslim Brotherhood’s FJP reaches broad consensus on criteria for formation of the panel entrusted with authoring Egypt’s new national

Yassin: Freedom and Justice Party Continues Coalition Efforts to Defend Revolution

If the Egyptian revolution means anything, if the blood of the honorable martyrs of the revolution holds any value, if the excruciating suffering of those wounded in the revolution is