Ottoman Empire


Israel’s Longstanding Middle East Plan

In 1982, Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs senior advisor Oded Yinon published a revealing document for regional conquest and dominance. Still relevant today, it's titled "A Strategy for Israel in

A History of Western Involvement in the Middle East in One Lesson

"The Middle East" is a largely western invention, from its leaders to its forms of government to its national boundaries, and even in some degree to its cultures.

Erdogan: Armenians had plotted to exterminate Turks

Erdogan claimed there was no genocide in their civilization confirming that in fact their civilization had enjoyed love, tolerance and brotherhood. “Muslims don’t commit genocide,” he said.

Savior movements

We can say that after surviving this last nationalist trauma, we have experienced with the Kurdish issue, we may move toward regional integration in line with the spirit of the

It’s Not a New Turkey, It’s The Right Time

Turkey will find a very receptive audience among Arabs and Muslims all over the world who are desperate for a powerful and sensible leadership to defend and champion their causes.

‘MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD’ – An ideological Protectorate of Saudi Arabia?

‘Muslim Brotherhood’ (MB), an Egypt-born Islamist organization founded for launching Jihad against the infidels in general and Christian West in particular has been an ideological protectorate of Saudi Arabia for

Why Can’t Muslim Societies Be More Like a Globalised West?

Many commentators on Islam make the same mistake: They instinctively assume that Muslim resistance to western globalisation reflects the inability of Muslims to accept the social and structural change that

We Need More Erdogans

Turkey’s Ottoman Empire died an unwept death nearly a century ago. But the country continues to enjoy a unique eminence of leadership across the Middle East and in much of

A Rare Victory for Lebanon’s Palestinians

Known simply as the 'General' Michel Naim Aoun was born in a peaceful mixed Christian-Shia area of Haret Hreik, now a core Hezbollah area. He rose from poverty to become