Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Suicide Bombing in Lahore, Pakistan

The Muslim Brotherhood condemns the suicide bombing in a public park in Lahore, Pakistan, on Sunday, which killed and wounded hundreds of innocent people. The group affirms that its doctrine

Pakistan Jamaat-e-Islami Leader: Pakistani People Will Not Accept Unconstitutional Solutions

The Islamic group Jamaat-e-Islami in Pakistan fears heinous acts by 'hidden hands' plotting for own private interests and agendas.

Erian: Egypt Will Not Be Iran or Afghanistan

FJP leader Erian assures Egypt will not become like Iran, Afghanistan or Pakistan – with its mainstream tolerant Islam represented in the venerable Azhar mosque and university and its independent

Freedom and Justice Party Chairman Urges Pakistan Pressure to Halt Assad Syrian Massacres

As Dr. Morsi meets with Pakistani Ambassador in Cairo, expresses hope for stronger industrial and trade ties, and calls for urgent action to stop bloodshed in Syria.

Appraisal of constitutional proposals of Bangladesh Government

What follows is my appraisal of broad ranging constitutional proposals submitted before the Parliament by Law Minister Shafik Ahmad. Bangladesh Cabinet approved it a few days back..

Egyptian-origin Pakistani student found mysteriously missing in Islamabad

Defence of Human Rights held a press conference on 27th May 2011 04:00 PM in National Press Club Islamabad.

It is a shame for America to be afraid of Islam

Discussing the future Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman Dr. Essam el Erian relayed the group’s vision of a new Egypt in an interview with Washington Post senior associate editor Lally Weymouth.

MB: The US must withdraw its troops from Iraq and Afghanistan

Following the killing of Al-Qaeda leader Ossama Bin Laden during a shootout in Pakistan it is high time the US realize that it must withdraw its troops from Afghanistan and

Opinion: Don’t fear the Muslim Brotherhood

Concerning Egypt: There is a meme taking root in the op-ed pages of power. "The Muslim Brotherhood is coming. Watch out!"

Obama Should Read WikiLeaks Docs

While US presidents and European leaders have long viewed Afghanistan as a strategic square on the global chessboard, Pakistan sees its Afghan neighbour in the context of a fierce regional