Muslims all over the world must unite and voice their objections and protest to these

The Muslim Brotherhood will not stand and witness the indecent and barbaric violations committed on the Aqsa'a sacredness; it is the duty of Muslims all over the world to unite

Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan: Hamas in Ascendance by Hassan Barari

Jordan's MB has always been divided ideologically between hawks and doves, a division that historically has benefited and strengthened the MB. The doves -- mainly East Bankers -- served as

US Interests vs. the Jewish State

Barack Obama’s recent conduct at the UN removed all remaining doubt as to Israeli influence inside this latest US presidency. When he uttered the phrase “the Jewish state of Israel,”

Ongoing tensions waged between security forces and the Sinai Bedouin

In a strongly worded statement, they asserted that " Injustice has exceeded all the limits of tolerable thresholds it is evident that the governing authority views us as inferior.

Khalid Amayreh Interviewed

Palestinians have always relied for their very survival on the good will of the international community and world public opinion. Hence, should the world community go into a brief slumber,

Mishaal in Cairo next Sunday

The political bureau chairman of the Hamas Movement, Khaled Mishaal, is expected to visit Cairo next Sunday at the head of a senior delegation to discuss with the Egyptian leadership

“Israel and the International Law” Conference

Call for Participation in "Israel and the International Law" Conference Organized by Al-Zaytouna Centre

Palestinian Child Prisoners: The Systematic and Institutionalised Ill-Treatment and Torture of Palestinian Children by Israeli

The Israeli military court system in the Occupied Palestinian Territory has operated for over 42 years almost devoid of international scrutiny. Each year an average of 9,000 Palestinians are prosecuted

A turning point for the US solidarity movement

The history of the Palestinian struggle for self-determination, independence and human rights is sadly one of missed opportunities.

IOF troops kill a Jerusalem taxi driver

A Palestinian taxi driver from Jerusalem was killed on Tuesday morning by IOF troops manning a roadblock to the south of the holy city.