Palestine Cause


Hamas: Resumption of settlement building exposes futility of negotiations

Hamas strongly condemned on Monday the resumption of construction in settlements in the West Bank as a new Zionist crime exposing claims of peace.

Erdogan affirms continued support for Gaza in telephone contact with Haneyya

Turkish premier Recep Erdogan has affirmed his country's continued support for the Palestinian people and government in Gaza Strip "regardless of the price".

Jordan decided against improving relations with Hamas

Sources in the Islamic movement in Jordan have said that Amman was waging a campaign against anyone collecting donations for Gaza or Palestine and was summoning writers advocating improved relations

Sources: Jordan decided against improving relations with Hamas

Amman also decided against restoration of any kind of relations with Hamas in the foreseeable future, the sources said.

Mokhtar : Egypt is required to protect its borders from Israeli attacks

MP Essam Mokhtar, member of the MB Parliamentary bloc and member of the Defence and National Security Committee in the Parliament, considered the statement made by the Minister of Foreign

40 Swiss parties and human rights organizations mark the first anniversary of the war on

GENEVA, (PIC)-- Hundreds of supporters of the Palestine cause are expected to gather in front of the UN office in Switzerland on Sunday to commemorate the first anniversary of the