Palestinian Authority


Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Prime Minister and Palestinian Authority Rumors

Egypt Brotherhood statement refutes false claims that portray the group as having control over senior government officials, administering Egypt’s affairs.

Mahmoud Abbas: Genuine Hamas Reconciliation, Ending Jerusalem Judaization Top Priorities

Freedom and Justice Party Chairman meets with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and discusses bilateral relations and a number of important issues.

MB Delegation Congratulates Hamas on Prisoner Swap

A large delegation of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders reached the Gaza strip Saturday to congratulate the Palestinian authorities and Hamas on its successful prisoner swap which took place under Egyptian

FJP: US Veto of Palestinian State Will Further Harm US-Muslims Relations

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) released a statement on Thursday dismissing a move by Palestinian Authority to seek UN recognition of an indepedent Palestinian state, which the party believes

Settlers torch mosque in Al-Mughayyir village near Ramallah

Jewish settlers torched a mosque in Al-Mughayyir village near Ramallah on Monday, causing serious damage to the entire structure.

29 Democrat senators tell Obama to cut aid to PA

29 US Democrat senators told president Barack Obama he should cut aid to the Palestinian Authority in the event Hamas joined its government following the Fatah-Hamas reconciliation agreement.

Egypt and Tunisia Revolutions high on Arab League’s discussion list

Items were placed on the Arab League agenda by secretary general, Amr Mousa and resolutions were passed Monday at the League’s Cairo office confirming that the 135th meeting of the

Can O’Keefe lick the Palestinian campaign into shape?

Stuart Littlewood argues that the Palestinian cause is in desperate need of a marketing and public relations makeover, and of competent advocates to promote the Palestinian struggle in the West.

MB’s Opinion in a Newsletter: Serious Incidents Surrounding Egypt and the Arab World

Arab countries, particularly Egypt, are witnessing tension and serious incidents which threaten to shake the unity of the people, and specifically in Egypt.

MB Offshoot in Jordan Approves Strategy to Increase Membership

Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood offshoot The Islamic Action Front has approved a four-year strategy to increase the membership base of its political party during an IAF shura council.