Palestinian Detainees


Haneyya: The issue of prisoners will always be on the top of our priorities

Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya stated that his government will never relinquish the issue of Palestinian prisoners that will always remain on the top of its priorities.

PA transfers six hunger strikers from Jericho solitary jail to other prisons

The families of the six Palestinian detainees who went on hunger strike in Jericho prison said the Palestinian authority (PA) and its security militias transferred their isolated sons from this

Int’l jurist: Palestinian detainees are hostages under international law

-- International law expert Hasan Omar stated that the Palestinian detainees in Isreli jails are not prisoners, but they are hostages being held by the Israeli occupation state and they

IOA holds MP Qufaisha in administrative custody

Hamas MPs in the West Bank denounced the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) for holding their colleague MP Hatem Qufaisha, from Al-Khalil, in administrative detention for six months.

Israeli occupation airstrikes on Gaza result in 11 casualties

The number of casualties resulting from Israeli occupation airstrikes on different parts of the Gaza Strip rose to 11 people, one of them a resistance commander affiliated with Palestine Eagles

The reality of Israel

Israelis, often thoroughly absorbed in their collective sanctimony and self-righteousness, seem never to stop repeating the eternal mantra that the Jews are a "light unto the nations" and Israel is

Woman humiliated in video to sue Israeli army

The victim in the latest scandal of an Israeli soldier filmed dancing around a bound Palestinian woman said she will sue the Israeli army over the humiliation she underwent.

An epitome of the Israeli Jewish society

An Israeli female soldier, named Eden Abergil, has recently posted photos on Facebook of herself in uniform smiling beside bound and blindfolded Palestinian detainees.

New photos of soldiers rejoicing at killing, arresting Palestinians exposed

The Israeli Shovrim Shtika (breaking the silence) organization unveiled pictures posted by Israeli soldiers on the internet showing them standing beside Palestinian detainees or dead bodies rejoicing over what they

Israeli soldier posts images of blindfold citizens on Facebook

- A former Israeli soldier has raised a storm on the internet after posting photographs of herself posing next to blindfold Palestinian prisoners on Facebook.