Palestinian factions


FJP on Nakba Day: No Land Exchange, No Palestine Right of Return Compromise

Nakba Day, Yawm An-Nakba, or Day of the Catastrophe, is 15th of May. It commemorates the forced displacement of Palestinians that preceded and followed the Israeli 1948 Declaration of Independence.

International Forum for Islamist Parliamentarians Urges World on Israel Human Rights

IFIP leader exhorts world leaders to do all they can to curb Israeli violations of human rights against Palestinian parliamentarians it kidnaps from Palestinian territories at wildly increasing rates.

Muslim Brotherhood Calls on Palestinian Factions to Unite

In its weekly statement, the Muslim Brotherhood called on all Palestinian factions to put aside differences and put their country’s well-being and interests above all else.

MB Chairman Reiterates Calls to Rekindle Revolution’s Tolerant Spirit

Reiterating calls to revive the spirit present in Tahrir Square during the Revolution Dr. Mohamed Badie spoke to crowds in Sohag.

Alexandria MB Organizes Conference Supporting Palestine

The Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria is planning a major conference in support of the Palestinian people titled “Together to support Palestinian steadfastness”.

Hamas and Fatah Meet in Cairo to Name PM of Unity Government

Dr. Yousef Rezka, the political advisor to Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya, said that the next week meeting in Cairo between Fatah and Hamas would agree on naming a premier for

New Egypt Shaping Palestinian Relations

Egypt's role in reconciling Fatah and Hamas is a step in the right direction to achieve real peace in the Middle East.

Mishaal: Practical implementation of reconciliation to be witnessed within days

Khaled Mishaal, the political bureau chairman of Hamas, has said that practical implementation of the Palestinian reconciliation would materialize within the few coming days and would be followed up by

MB Opinion: Egypt Gains the Seeds of the Revolution

Egypt is currently witnessing a new phase of the revolution nationally and internationally where finally reconciliation between the Palestinian factions has taken place to end years of division.

Mishaal meets with Egyptian elites in Cairo

Head of Hamas's political bureau Khaled Mishaal met on Friday with a galaxy of Egyptian noted figures and intellectuals.