Palestinian Resistance


Each village is a reminder

We were shocked to wake up in the morning and find out there was a terror attack, then another terror attack. It took me years to understand that these were

Protest in Journalists Syndicate calls for ending the Gaza siege

Tens of human rights activists called for the continued support in sending aid convoys by all means to break the siege on Gaza.

MB calls on Foreign Ministers to withdraw from Arab initiative

The Muslim Brotherhood called on the Arab Foreign Ministers who are meeting in Cairo to withdraw from the Arab initiative put forward since 2002.

Two Palestinians wounded east of Gaza

Two Palestinians were wounded in Gaza on Thursday evening as a result of Israeli occupation shelling, while Palestinian resistance fighters succeeded in destroying an Israeli occupation army vehicle.

Israeli warplanes raid northern Gaza

Israeli warplanes fired at least one missile at Palestinian resistance fighters stationed west of Beit Lahia town in northern Gaza Strip at dawn Tuesday, Palestinian sources reported.

Interviewing Hamas in Lebanon

Ousama Hamdan used to be the go-between between Hamas and Iran, but for years has been the Hamas leader in Lebanon. He talks about problems with the peace process in

Jordan: IAF end elections with surprising results

The Muslim Brotherhood's offshoot in Jordan , the Islamic Action Front's elections ended in a surprising twist.

Israeli settlers set fire to historical Petra hotel in O. Jerusalem

The Petra hotel caught fire after Israeli settlers celebrating the occasion of the occupation of Palestine fired firecrackers that fell on the roof.

Bardawil: The security doctrine of Abbas’s militias is to protect Israel’s secur

Dr. Bardawil added that this report did not reveal something new about the security collaboration with the Israeli occupation.

Action front: Israel’s intent to displace W. Bankers poses a threat to Jordan

The Islamic action front, the largest political party in Jordan, on Wednesday warned of the Israeli decision to deport thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank, saying it poses a