Palestinian Struggle


An inside look into the Arab dictators’ playbook

As people welcome this grandiose rhetoric from the American president they also know that his support is unreliable as amply illustrated in his position toward the Palestinian struggle against Israeli

Egypt and Tunisia Revolutions high on Arab League’s discussion list

Items were placed on the Arab League agenda by secretary general, Amr Mousa and resolutions were passed Monday at the League’s Cairo office confirming that the 135th meeting of the

UK foreign minister handed letter from Jerusalemite officials facing exile

A Jerusalemite delegation handed on Wednesday visiting British foreign minister William Hague a letter from the Palestinian officials threatened with expulsion from their native city in which they warned of

Sawalha: The Siege on Gaza must end now

Mohammed Sawalha, the deputy-head of the international committee for breaking the siege on Gaza, said on Thursday that the lifeline 5 convoy came to Gaza to deliver clear and sound

From Ireland’s Bloody Sunday martyrs to those of Palestine

After 38 years, the martyrs of Bloody Sunday have been vindicated in an investigation that has spanned more than a decade.

Rachel Corrie and the image of Israel

When social justice activists like Rachel Corrie are branded terrorists and international human rights law becomes the enemy of the (Israeli) state - all in the name of winning the

Palestine Exists on Film

Over the past 10 years Palestinian filmmakers have constructed a specific national identity on screen. More directly political than the earlier portrayals of Palestinian lives and stories, filmmaking has become

The Decline of Israel and the Prospects for Peace

Israel is a democracy that historically gerrymandered its electoral constituency by expelling most of the indigenous population outside its borders – now referred to as the Palestinian refugees – to

Injustice every day: An interview with Leila Khaled

One of the most legendary figures of the Palestinian struggle for national liberation, Leila Khaled was recently in the Palestinian refugee camps of northern Lebanon. Visiting for the first time