Palestinian Workers


Palestinian worker injured in IOF gunfire

GAZA,-- A Palestinian worker was shot and wounded by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) in northern Gaza Strip on Sunday, medical sources reported.

IOF soldiers open machinegun fire at civilians in Gaza, wound three

- Israeli occupation forces (IOF) stationed north and east of Gaza Strip opened machinegun fire at Palestinian citizens at dawn Saturday wounding three of them including two workers who were

Israeli police round up 600 Palestinian workers

Israeli police in the 1948 occupied Palestinian land rounded up 600 Palestinian workers from the West Bank for working in those lands without permit.

Four Palestinian workers wounded in IOF shooting

Four Palestinian workers were injured when Israeli occupation forces (IOF) fired at them during their work in collecting gravel in northern Gaza Strip on Tuesday morning.

Three Arabs killed in gas leak in Haifa oil refinery, foul play suspected

Three Arabs died in a gas leak at a Haifa oil refinery in the northern Palestinian territory occupied in 1948 Tuesday evening. Eight others were injured in the incident. Fingers

The reality of Israel

Israelis, often thoroughly absorbed in their collective sanctimony and self-righteousness, seem never to stop repeating the eternal mantra that the Jews are a "light unto the nations" and Israel is

Confrontations in Silwan, IOF serves tens of demolition notices in WB

Israeli policemen and border guards fired rubber bullets and teargas canisters at hundreds of Palestinian demonstrators in Silwan suburb in occupied Jerusalem on Tuesday night.

10 hurt in Silwan clashes, IOF soldiers round up 33 Palestinians

Palestinian young men in Silwan town, occupied Jerusalem, clashed with Jewish settlers who tried to storm the Bustan suburb with the protection of the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Wednesday.