Parliamentary Poll


Heshmat: Parliamentary Poll Postponement Rekindles Political Reconciliation Hopes

Freedom and Justice Party leaders express hope that opposition will join presidential talks for national harmony and broad consensus.

Sobhi Saleh: Parliament Will Send New Election Law for Constitutional Court Review Soon

Egypt’s Shura Council affirms new parliamentary poll law will be drawn up and submitted to the country’s Supreme Constitutional Court for approval within days.

Al-Shater: MB calls for civil state based on Islamic references

Khairat Al-Shater deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood explained that the group’s main objective is to peacefully establish a civil state based on Islamic references.

Mubarak Vows to Combat Corruption and Targets 8% Growth Rate

According to Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak the country’s growth rate is to rise to 8 per cent over the next five years.

MB leader ascertains group will voice dissent over poll peacefully, legally and constitutionally

Following the farcical parliamentary poll held in Egypt opposition groups have highlighted that it may take its political struggle to the streets in an attempt to expose the ruling regime

Tagammu Leaders Call on Party Leader to Step Down after Radical Decisions

Senior members from the oppositions Tagammu Party called on Refaat ElSaeed to step down after describing his decisions as 'radical'.

Violent Attacks on Media Reported on Egypt’s Black Sunday

Cases of deliberate hindering of journalists trying to cover Egypt’s parliamentary poll November 28 and its runoff December 5 were reported by Reporters without borders on Thursday

Tensions Rise between Judges and the HEC

A request has been submitted by Mohamed Mikki of the Supreme Judges Council calling on the High Elections Commission to prepare a report on judicial monitors during Egypt’s recent parliamentary

Sunday Is D-Day in Egypt

Despite the violence, arbitrary detentions and determined campaigners struggling against a dishonest, brutal regime, less than half the population of Egypt is expected to take part in Sunday's polls.

Ruling NDP Files Complaints Against 52 MB Candidates

Egypt’s ruling NDP has filed complaints against 52 independent candidates in Sunday's parliamentary poll alleging they belong to an illegal organisation.